A True Story and Urgent Warning

The most exhaustive exposé ever written on a government-incentivized protocol that kills.

If you are a medical professional or have friends or family who are, please know that I am aware that there are many kind and compassionate doctors and nurses who have refused to support “the protocol that kills,” even when doing so cost them their jobs. Those who bravely stood against this atrocity deserve to be recognized as modern-day heroes.

I never imagined that I would be writing the tragic and true account of my husband’s suffering and death at the hands of a group of “medical professionals”—a wholly callous and insensitive group that blindly adhered to a government-incentivized “protocol that kills.”

During my ordeal, it was as if I were a chess piece on a larger-than-life chessboard, and my husband, Rob, was the king the opposing side wanted to take down. My mother, sister, and close friends were the pawns on my side of the board. The opposing team comprised doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, social workers, and hospital administrators.

Unfortunately, our opposition had the upper hand, as they had far more pieces on the board and were seasoned masters of the game, which they admitted they had played numerous times. They even broke the rules when it served their interests to do so.

Regrettably, this same game of cunning strategy is being played out in hospitals across the United States, where treacherous and devious masters of the game are defeating inexperienced patients and their unwary families.

During the forty days that my husband was held captive by a team hell-bent on enforcing “the protocol,” I shed many tears. Even though I insisted that he not be given dangerous drugs and therapies, they forced their will on him.

After the unnecessary and tragic death of my husband on October 13, 2021, my suffering and outrage grew as I spent months working with a team of close friends, family, and medical experts who aided me in conducting a detailed analysis of the over 5,100 pages of his hospital records.

In addition, my team and I analyzed hours of conversations I had recorded with doctors, nurses, and staff during my husband’s 40-day hospitalization—as allowed by Texas Penal Code, Section 16.02, Paragraph (c)(3)(A).

Sadly, conducting a thorough investigation and authoring this book required reliving the trauma. Numerous disturbing facts uncovered during our investigation verified that my husband did not die of natural causes but due to the doctors’ insistence that he follow their mandated and inhumane “protocol that kills.”

Speaking of the protocol from a nurse’s point of view, Nicole Sirotek, a registered critical care flight nurse who founded American Frontline Nurses to advocate for patients mistreated by hospitals’ Covid protocols, said during a Senate hearing on January 24, 2022: “Following orders has led to the sheer number of deaths that have occurred in these hospitals. I didn’t see a single patient die of Covid. I’ve seen a substantial number of patients die of negligence and medical malfeasance.

My story is a raw, first-hand account of how “protocol-focused” doctors and nurses are violating the rights of patients and their families and how incentivized drugs and therapies are leading to needless deaths.

I decided to share my story for two reasons. First, I wish to inform the public that the U.S. medical establishment has devised and has been following a strict, unwavering, and lethal protocol that prioritizes hospital profits over patients’ rights, health, and well-being.

Second, since being forewarned is to be forearmed, I hope to provide valuable insights that will protect you and your loved ones from falling victim to “the protocol that kills.” That way, if you are confronted with tough decisions and a formidable opponent, as my husband and I were, you can declare “Checkmate!” and emerge victorious.

Seven Distinct Voices Tell the Story

My story is presented in the following seven distinct voices:

  1. My voice—as I candidly share my personal story of the forty days of terror that my husband, Rob, and I experienced at the hands of a medical system that is dead set on ensuring patients follow the protocol that kills.
  2. My husband, Rob Skiba’s voice—via his text messages to me, friends, and family as he shares his fear that the doctors would kill him if I could not be by his side as his on-site advocate.
  3. The voices of my family and friends—who were trying to assist me with keeping Rob alive and helped prevent me from falling into severe depression.
  4. The comments of a fictitious Legal Counsel—who supplies crucial information throughout the story; in many cases, facts I unaware of until after Rob’s death. PLEASE NOTE: If you prefer, you are welcome to skip these comments during your first read-through of the book. On the other hand, those who prefer a more academic/scholarly approach will unquestionably want to read them as they provide “the story behind the story,” which is essential to gaining a deeper understanding of the seriousness of the topic.
  5. The voices of the doctors and nurses entrusted with Rob’s care—based on conversations I had with them during Rob’s 40-day stay. Their voices are displayed in light gray text (and are genuine transcripts that have not been edited for grammar) to make it easy for you to distinguish the medical team’s voices.
  6. The voice of Dr. Sammy Wong, MD—an American Board of Internal Medicine Certified Internist and Assistant Professor of Medicine (ret) at Loma Linda University School of Medicine who has given multiple presentations on Medical Malpractice, Patient Safety, Cognitive Bias, and Diagnostic Errors—and supplied his expert opinion and testimony at well over a hundred cases over the past 30 years. Dr. Wong’s Letter of Introduction, Interim Analysis, and Causes of Action against the doctors appear in an appendix.
  7. Extracts from Rob’s hospital records—which expose the harmful drugs and treatments provided to Rob, the doctors’ and nurses’ frustration at Rob’s and my continued insistence that he not be given remdesivir, that he not be intubated and placed on a ventilator, and the their total disregard for the fact Rob (who had not been able to eat for over a week prior to his admission and was already malnourished) was not consuming an adequate amount of food and water. Each record includes one or more “sticky notes” pointing out significant issues with Rob’s treatment.

The evidence presented in my book strongly supports my claim that Rob’s and my constitutional, civil, patient, and Medical Power of Attorney rights were violated when Rob was maliciously isolated from his family for 21 days—enabling hospital staff to administer the deadly “protocol” without any interference.

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