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Everyone needs to read this!

I’m so glad that this story is being told! It’s almost an exact account of what they did to my dad. It was very hard for me to read as it was like reliving what my family went through, but I couldn’t put it down. Very well written and all the proof to go with it. Highly recommend! Katie D.

Excellent First-Hand Account

This is an extremely well-written first-hand account of the horrors Sheila Skiba endured for the 40 days her husband was held captive in the hospital. The book contains actual hospital records and conversations between doctors and nurses. It is extremely detailed, with medical expert witnesses, medical journal citations, and references to medical journals and clinical studies. It has been endorsed by reputable doctors and nurses and includes testimonies of medical professionals. At over 400 pages, it is the best documented account I have read. It can be a hard read to discover what happened to Rob and his family. I highly suggest this book. It’s well worth the price. Wally L

HIGHLY recommend. Shocking!!! Powerful message

Nice big book, easy to read large print, very well written and easily understood layout. Reads like a novel/script. Made me cry at times, but left me better off in understanding one of the facets of this changed world we’re in now. Many parts stand out in my mind, and I suspect I’ll be quoting this book often as well as telling people about it and encouraging them to get a copy to read for themselves. Picky Granny

Nothing but the truth

The book’s format is clear & concise, whilst the actual contents of the book is nothing other than the horrific truth of the medical system, its deadly protocols & just the world we live in. I commend Sheila & all the people involved in helping her to bring to light the nefarious proceedings within the system. Isa (UK)

Important read! So true!

An amazing story of the truly heroic woman that never stopped fighting for her husband’s life. She alone stood up against a huge killing machine of the big pharma and a corrupt health care giant. A great expose of the hospital Covid protocols that are responsible for many lost lives. My own family went through the same pain and loss… Hope this book help save lives. Amazon Customer

Premeditated murder is absolutely correct.

I pray justice will be served here on earth as what they did was incomprehensible. They had no conscience and were being controlled by the evils of this world. My heart just breaks even further as I turn each page. This book needs to be blasted from the hilltops! Liz Bailey

Wake up people!

Heartbreaking true story of an evil medical protocol. Praying for justice for Sheila and all who have went thru this. And for this to stop! So sad what has happened to our medical system. Frightening really! Richelle

Must Read

Absolutely horrific. Thank you for telling Rob’s story, it has to be told! Amy

Gripping, harrowing, must read!

You’ll have to pace yourself while simultaneously not being able to put this book down. Phenomenally written, creatively told, heartbreakingly true. This is the detailed account of what one of thousands of families suffered through when the corrupt American government and medical systems partnered in an attack on victims of the mysterious Covid illness. Read it, share it, spread the word. Search and see that these things be true. RIP dear beloved brother, Rob Skiba. Tricia Satterfield

a must read

It was hard to read and “relive” (since I vividly remember when this was happening to this precious man) but I believe every person needs to know what was going on during this insanity of the plandemic. Dear Sheila Skiba, I hope you have sent a copy to every single one of these “health care workers” involved with this crime to help them see what they really did. Sue

This book will save lives

An in-depth review of our hospital protocols during the plandemic! Cleverly written using different perspectives. This book exposes the lies and blatant murder of Rob Skiba. “We must stand for one another or die ALONE!” ALL PRAISE AND GLORY TO YESHUA. Mindy Williams

Gripping. True and Tragic Story.

Worth every dime. Our North Texas community was shaken to the core as this unfolded. Good to finally hear the behind the scenes details for the first time and put all the puzzle pieces together. Tragic story. Looking forward to the day that Justice Prevails. Hot Tip: Never do something immoral just because your boss tells you to! Maryd2aTXN


As challenging as this book is emotionally to read, it’s one of the most well-crafted, extensive stories of how our beloved friend fell victim to ”the protocol.” This book documents the bounty that was placed on Rob Skiba from the minute he was wheeled away from his wife, unable to ever see her again. From being starved of nutrition, isolated from all loving touch, drugged against his will, denied every single right, and coerced into submission, my heart crushes further with each turning page. Hospitals and doctors put profits over people, and the additional incentives caused this systemic issue to inflate by criminal proportions! May justice be served on this earth for all the lives cut short. Everyone needs to own a copy of this book to help understand the full scope of how hospitals operate today so that you and your family are armed with the knowledge of how to overcome this corrupt, evil system! Amazon Customer

Never Forget

It is impossible to state how important it is that we NEVER forget all of the beautiful people who were MURDERED by this protocol. May Yahuah cause this well written account to travel far and wide, and may justice rain down on the heads of the twisted people responsible for these crimes against humanity. Never stop fighting Sheila, I know when we meet Rob again he’ll be proud of your tenacity. Amazon Customer

My Heart Goes Out to Sheila

I’m in the middle of reading through Sheila’s sufferings/book now, and it is like a horror movie that is about to get worse. Oh, my heart goes out to her so much. Victoria Chirgan Alexander

A true crime story

A must read. A really heartbreaking story. Robs life was too short and it’s so sad he was taken out. All credit to Sheila who is very courageous and admirable to write this well written large book. It covers the ill treatment Rob went through, the conversations and her experiences at the hospital. It’s a true crime story that covers even justice and legal documents. Buy it!! Lisanor (Sweden)

Interesting read!

If you want to know the true agenda behind the C-19 story, read this book! Bella73

 Just got it, (I still need to read it!) But I am blown away on the bible size of it.

I am giving a thumbs up 5 stars, for just the layout and size of it of all the evidences and research done by Sheila Skiba, where her husband was murdered by the protocol of the PLANdemic. I have followed Rob Skiba since 2012, and I hope JUSTICE will win! Mr. Michel Fleury (Canada)

Review of Never Got to Say Goodbye, by Jeremiah Skiba

Below is a review of Jeramiah Skiba’s book, Never Got To Say Goodbye by a woman who owns ALL of Rob’s books and who just purchased Jeremiah’s book along with a copy of The Protocol That Kills. Below is what she had to say after reading Jeremiah’s description of growing up with Rob.

I just finished Never Got To Say Goodbye… I feel so privileged to be given a glimpse of the personal side of Rob. I often wondered if he was as awesome at home as he was in his element of God’s work. I had to stop reading several times to cry not only for Sheila and Jeremiah’s loss, but for my own. Rob never knew I existed but I can’t wait to get to heaven so I can thank him for walking the same path I was on for so many years. His love of the Lord was infectious and thankfully I caught what he had in his heart for the Lord. I can hear Rob’s voice in Jeremiah’s writing. I’m so thankful he’s picked up Rob’s torch to shine the light of God further up this path to the narrow gate. Now I need an emotional break before I can tackle The Protocol that Kills. God bless all of you working to fill Rob’s shoes. Rhia Drouillid