In the following interviews, Sheila Skiba discusses the circumstances that led to her writing the harrowing, true crime story, The Protocol That Kills. If you would like to schedule an interview with Sheila Skiba and her co-authors simply submit a Request an Interview form and we will get back with you.

6/23/23—You Count Indiana!

You Count Indiana interviews are hosted by Dr. Shawn Benzinger. Their focus is on promoting medical freedom, parent-controlled education, pro-life rights, second amendment rights, and election integrity.

6/6/23—Deprogramming with Graces Dad

Deprogramming with Grace’s Dad is hosted by Scott Schara, whose daughter, Grace, was a victim of “the protocol.” You can see his interview by Glenn Beck here.

5/23/23—Real Israel Talk Radio

Real Israel Talk Radio is hosted by Avinoam (“Avi”) ben Mordechai Marcus, a veteran of the radio broadcast industry, author, researcher, and lecturer on the theology of the Bible in its Hebraic context.

5/10/23—Momentary Zen

Momentary Zen is hosted by Zen Garcia on Revolution Radio (Studio B). Zen is a prolific author, founder of Sacred Word Publishing, and radio show host who focuses on exposing evil in the world.

5/5/23—I Protest

I Protest is hosted by Donald Jeffries. Donald is a bastion for truth, talk show host, and best-selling author (e.g., Crimes and Cover Ups in American Politics), whose writings have been compared to Voltaire and Kipling.

5/3/23—Through the Black

Through the Black is hosted by Tom Dunn. He is a filmmaker and podcaster who mentored under Russ Dizdar and has been standing up for the truth and exposing the dark side since his early 20s.

4/27/23—Canary Cry Radio

Canary Cry News Talk is hosted by Gonzo Shimura. Gonzo has a master’s in music production in technology and is a musician, filmmaker, podcaster, and producer.

4/27/23—Weaponized News

Weaponized News is hosted by Sam Chaney. He holds bachelor’s degrees in economics and accounting and worked in the healthcare industry for five years as a financial analyst.

4/24/23—Skiba News Nation

Skiba News Nation is hosted by Jeremiah Skiba. Jeremiah is a musician, published author, and alternative news broadcaster. He is also the son of Sheila and Rob Skiba.

4/21/23—William Ramsey Investigates

William Ramsey Investigates is hosted by William Ramsey. William is an attorney (member of the State Bar of California), author, researcher, and documentary producer.