Rob Skiba—the Man Behind the Story

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Robert A. Skiba II (Rob Skiba) was a beloved husband, father, son, brother, and friend. Sadly, he became a victim of The Protocol That Kills (available in paperback and PDF editions) His heart’s desire was to see people redeemed, set free, and made whole. You can learn more about who Rob was by reading Jeremiah Skiba’s book, Never Got to Say Goodbye.

From a young age, Rob’s dream was to become a filmmaker. His dream became a reality when a world missions organization hired him to create short films for missionaries in foreign countries to help publicize and promote their work.

As his colleague within the same organization, I produced printed materials supporting the films and further describing each mission’s objectives and positive impact.

We wished to use our skills to advance God’s kingdom, and we formed a strong team. We tied the knot on 7/7/07 (three 7s) and enjoyed 14 wonderful years of marriage (two 7s). Rob was more than what I had prayed for. He was my best friend, and being his wife was such a blessing and gift that I often had to pinch myself.

As a former Eagle Scout and Army helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army Reserve, Rob was devoted to maintaining his health and taking care of his body. Comparing his photographs in his twenties to those he took more recently reveals that he had a lifelong goal of remaining physically fit.

Soon after our wedding, we felt compelled to take a leap of faith to pursue Rob’s lifelong dream of creating a television series titled SEED, which you can learn more about at

Rob also investigated ancient history, and after recording his findings, he published his first book, Babylon Rising, which describes the impact of pre-flood giants/Nephilim. In his second book, Archon Invasion, he delved into transhumanism and genetic manipulation.

Due to the immense interest in Rob’s discoveries, he became a sought-after speaker, and we soon found ourselves traveling the world to share his findings. Rob also launched a YouTube channel at

In 2013, he established a “Virtual House Church” on the Internet to make it easier for people from around the world to study the scriptures together. You can learn more at

As a result of Rob’s insightful books, videos, and conference presentations, numerous individuals sent him emails and letters expressing gratitude for their newfound or restored faith. It was a fruitful season, and we relished every moment of it!

Rob’s “truth radar” was always on, and in 2020, after researching the disconcerting response to the COVID-19 pandemic with its attendant travel restrictions, lockdowns, experimental mRNA “vaccines,” and banned versus approved treatments, he began sounding the alarm. As was his nature, Rob had no problem delving deeply into a nefarious and troubling subject and was not afraid to share his findings with anyone willing to listen.

Most importantly, Rob devoted his life to helping others find Yeshua (Jesus) through Internet interviews, creating hundreds of YouTube videos, and designing websites that shed light on the darkness and revealed the truth. His tragic and needless death is a loss felt by many who appreciated his insightful teachings. Moreover, when Rob died at the hands of “the protocol that kills,” it completely shattered the lives of his family—and especially impacted mine.

My son, Jeremiah Skiba, and I are committed to continuing Rob’s research and preserving his voice to uphold his legacy of uncovering and revealing the truth. Jeremiah launched his own YouTube news channel titled “Skiba News Nation,” which can be viewed at Jeremiah’s weekly broadcast, which airs every Friday at 4:44 PM Central, covers a wide range of historical and contemporary topics and frequently features engaging guests.

Jeremiah also authored his own book, Never Got To Say Goodbye, which provides a more in-depth look at who Rob Skiba truly was as a father and as a man.

Rob’s legacy endures in the hearts of those who loved him and his teachings. Although he is greatly missed, his impact lives on in the countless lives he touched and those he led to Yeshua during his time on Earth. I believe he is alive now and forever with Yeshua and enjoying fellowshipping with many historical greats he regarded as his heroes.

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